:: Work Out, Mama… Work Out !::

It has been a while since we kept this ‘thing’… it was given by FIL, since he’s not using it any more… This thing was kept silently, peacefully and tidily at one corner of the house.


But today, after receiving the medical checkup result from ppukm; sigh!!! Mama has to work out. The result did not appear to be interesting at all… blood pressure on borderline, cholestrol not normal and a bit overweight … as for the bp, it is difficult to get all-the-time normal reading since the slept distruption faced every night.. having Amani, even though she’s nearly 5 years but she’s barely like 2 years old… it’s one of the reason..


Ok je bila ambil bp kat rumah..

And now, this ‘thing’ is becoming usefull… yeah! Mama, whatever it is, work out please….

~ by Zarina on April 17, 2016.

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