:: My Ahlul Jannah ::

Recently, a few friends recommended me to buy book(s) written by 3 parents of 3 disabled child.. Alhamdulillah, for having friends that concerned .. concerned about me having a disabled child, and also concerned about those parents aka writers as well. It is a blessed indeed.

ahlulJannahAs a mom to a disabled baby, receiving supports is an award. The road at the beginning was not easy. Yes, it was full with emotions. Thousand of questions were wandering in the mind. The answers were nowhere to find. Words such as ‘sabar’ and ‘pasrah’ were not enough. Not to say ‘kesian’…

As time goes by, one by one of the question was answered. By observing, by using the logic behind the relation between “the Creator and human”.. Reading Al-Quran and revealing the answer. Some of it were posted on the Facebook wall. Some others were posted on the whatsapp messanger and the rest were self viewed in the Quran. That was the silent support. And then ‘redha’ appeared.

Now, I am thinking, am I the only one should read, understand and digest the content of the suggested book? You can present it to me, yet it give no harm for you to read it as well. Therefore, as mom to healthy children, you will understand the scenario. I am having one, definitely I understand them (the writers).. It just to enhance my knowledge based on what they have and what I  don’t have. Why not, we do it hand in hand..

brainTumorNow I understand why I lost a newly bought motivation book written by Ishah Radhiah entitled “Anakku Brain Tumor” – last 3 years. It was bought as a present to a mom who just discovered her youngest son having a brain tumor. We became friend as our child were warded in Pead 3, PPUM. Only recently I know why. I should read the book first, rather that giving it to the mom. She was trying hard to fight with the situation and I should understand her situation, before suggesting this and that! Allahuakbar. Things happened with reason. Yet only hidayah that allows us to realize it.

~ by Zarina on April 10, 2015.

4 Responses to “:: My Ahlul Jannah ::”

  1. makcikkkkk…. i’m visiting after a very longgggggggggggg ‘rest’… hehe… tergerak hati nak melawat kawasan yang dah berhabuk…. ropanya ada orang teguq…. hahahaha….
    jom baca together weeeiiiii…. I have bought the 3 books….. tapi belum sampai sini lagi…. insyaAllah the book will arrive with the author herself before June…. hehehe…. anyway, I don’t know the content despite being friend with the author….. andai kata ada mana2 part in the books yang menyentuh rasa, minta maaaaaaaffff sangattttt…. (I feel you about cerita yang brain tumour tu….)

    • sibuk ekkkkk ngan study…huk huk huk….kita nak study gakkkk…. Pleaseee pray for me kat depan Kaabah & Raudhah ..moga Allah menampakkan jalan utk mama veteran ini….

      Nanti kami beli buku2 tu… byk yg tak terbaca nih…

      • InsyaAllah… ada jalannya nanti… next week insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki mmg nak ke mekah… kami doakan ehhhh…
        Weiii.. masa kami sibuk dgn study ni la macam2 workshop dgn training kami kena attend…. haru betuiii… tak cukup2 masa rasanya..

      • tenkiu tenkiu…muaahhhh

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