:: The 3rd Year ::


[4th December 2011] : Yes…. It’s the same date when mama heard her first cry… Her presence was awaited by most pead specialists… Heart, genetic and surgical. An incubator was prepared for her in neonatal ICU because she was a preemie… 28 weeks 4 days… that was her age in the womb when she was easily (and less pain) delivered naturally… She was suspected to be a Down Syndrome baby – based on the ‘double-bubble’ showed during the detail scan…

“Amboi, suara tak padan dengan saiz… Lebih kuat dari baby normal”… That was the first sentence popped out from the gyne’s mouth. Indeed, her voice was quite high in pitch, if compared to that of her size, which weighted just 1.38kg…

There were so many episodes that could not be erased… Sad, tragic and happy moments. Even for the 3rd year, it was still wandering in the memory…

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this precious gift. It was a gift from a sincere request during wuquf in Arafah … Under the shade of a neem tree. When an old lady requested to borrow mama’s lap for a short nap!

This gift has taught mama many aspects of life, with regards to sabr, redha, sacrification, acceptance, LOVE and many more….

She’s 3 today! Alhamdulillah, today, Prof Thamby was smiling widely when his MO reported amani’s condition. In the computer science’s world, it is like a deliverable phase. Even though bugs may appear later, error free during the testing can be considered a success. Prof briefly explained that amani may face constipation when she grows up. This is due the anomaly of the anus. She may lack of needed nerves for passing stool. Therefore, mama have to monitor her passing stool routine closely. If she does not pass stool for 2 consecutive days, she has to be given lactulose for the next 2 consecutive days… That is the fact that mama has to swallow… Until amani can be toilet trained… It may take few more years…

And Dr Jun happily wrote the report regarding the discontinuation of Bactrim (daily antibiotic that amani has to take), based on the previous scan of the kidney. The kidney looks normal in size…

Happy Birthday Nur Amani. Mama loves you, from the earth to the moon, to the 7th layer of the sky and back to the earth (or more). No word can even describe it. Because you are a special precious little girl!

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