:: Sindrom P? ::


Whatever syndrome you have, mama loves you very much!!

Selain dari sindrom down, Amani dikenalpasti mempunyai sindrom P… Hahaha ape tu? Teacher amani cakap “sindrom princess”… aka drama queen.. pandai berlakon budak tecit ni..

Setiap kali ke kiwanis, melalak bukan main, tapi mata asyik jeling mama je… Terapi hari ni dengan teacher ida, nak tak nak amani terpaksa juga menendang, lalu dapatlah merayap kedepan. Boleh pun buat… All these while melalak je lebih, mama yg tolong buatkan exercise utk amani.

Dan hari ni teacher amani ckp down syndrome baby bukan mentally retarded baby… Ds dan mental retard are 2 different things. Yes, ds baby is slower, termasuk brain – cognitive development. They can grab the concept, yet at a slower pace. Once they understood a concept that being taught repeatedly, then they can do things as normal kids. Ok mama, no more term mental retard to be used anymore..

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~ by Zarina on October 11, 2012.

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