:: Mother’s Day Treat ::

Not for me… But for mama’s MIL… Some people may spend money (for present, cake and so on) for mother on mother’s day. Or, may be as simple as a mother’s day wish… Other than that, spending time together is also one of the common mother’s day celebration.. so what do we have for our (mama & babah) mother?

This might be cheap present for mother’s day but, the value last long…

We brought mil to sungai buluh for pokok bunga shopping. Mama’s mil likes orchids very much but lately couldn’t concentrate much on her orchids due to ‘biziness’ in handling cucu2… Most of her orchids were ‘gone’ due to lack of kasih sayang… Huhuhu… So we let her choose her very own type of orchids. But as usual, she will only buy ‘keratan’ one, not the whole orchid that blossom happily in the vase (babah said…”biasalah, org tua2 mmg macam tu…”)… Therefore, mama secretly choosed 2 orchids … Yellow and maroon… As if for myself (planting orchid is not my cup of tea).. And when we reached home, mama hand in the orchids to her. Just looking at her smile, one would know how happy she is at that moment.. 2 blossom orchid plants for mil on mother’s day….

People said, whatever you give, you’ll get back… Ehmm… When we reached our own house, there was something hang on the door grill.. ohh, there were books inside, from kak yati & hj jamil (hj jamil is mama’s collegue, while kak yati is a full housewife, and now she’s a writer for islamic book under pts publication… I respect them a lot becoz all of their children are al-hafiz & hafizah… MasyaAllah)

Buku sent by the author herself… sungguh terharu..

And aunty azai just passed something from aunty aizal … A gown for amani.. and neskepe saudi… Huhuhu…

Winter gown for amani.. tahun depan aunty balik baru amani padan agaknya… anak arab besor2….anak melayu + java kecittt….

And today, we received a box full of joys (toys and clothes) for amani sent from aunty julia & uncle mat… Allah is good…

Toy for amani… good for her audio and visual…

Alhamdulillah. Eventho we didn’t get those thing for ourself, whatever received by our loves one can also give great joy to us…
So, give, give and give… Happy mother’s day to all.

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~ by Zarina on May 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “:: Mother’s Day Treat ::”

  1. Tomè… Tomè… Tomè… Kalau amani dah muat.. Skang ni ala2 pakai selimut ke mama amani? Hehe…
    Nescafè yum… yum… Kekeke… Saja la bg lepas rindu. Kalau nak lagi kabo ye… Lg sebulan sampai la order nya… Hehehe…
    Happy Mother’s Day to you too… Hope for many more happiness for us…

  2. […] Rohayati Bakri aka kak yati, sangat baik orangnya… Dia menulis beberapa buah buku cerita islamik kanak2… Pernah dulu, dia titipkan buku tulisannya di pintu rumah… Barangkali kerana mama cakap yang anak2 suka bukunya… (ditulis dalam entri https://abidwaliyad.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/mothers-day-treat/) […]

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