:: Family Outing ::


2 balloons

One week school holiday is about to end, yet we have not brought the kids anywhere. Pity them. Due to some technical problem, we cannot afford to travel long distance (cakap le condition kete tak bape bagus, huhuhu)… So, where to go?

Yes,  the hot balloon festival is on the run at Putrajaya. Some more, there are a few interesting places we could visit, such as taman warisan, wetland, alamanda (mama punya choice)..

As promised by babah, the kids could ride the hot balloon. Unfortunately the ticket was sold out by 10am. Huhuhu.. tengok saje lah ye anak2…

Amani also joined, but just lepakking with mama at a shady corner. With canon on the left and buggy on the right… Enjoy jugaklah. This year festival is not as colourful as that of last year.

Alamanda is the next destination. Met the actress, fazura as lux embassador… MasyaAllah cantiknya.

( gambarnya mama dah delete)

And, managed to shop some mothercare sleep suits for amani. Imported brand does have tiny size of baby attires; mama always have question mark, why local brands don’t have such size for premature babies? So far, mother care and carters do produce clothing for premature babies. Cian amani, salu pakai baju macam chipmunk… 3 sleep suits + socks + a hat cost about rm200… Huhuhu…


Aishhha nak amik gambar melalak pulak... haaa baru muat baju bersaiz tiny baby nih...

Eh, pesal mama tulih omputih nih? Ohhh, nak challenge Along tulis blog dia. Makin lama makin tak ber’update’ blog along – alininpurple.blogspot.com ….

Balik rumah, sempat singgah nursery utk beli pokok. Sempat lah tanam cili dan terperasan pula ada burung tekukur bersarang atas pokok kacang yang menjalar atas pergola.

Burung tekukur kan ni? Ke merbah?

(harap2 along teruja dengan catitan ini dan proceed with her blog)

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~ by Zarina on March 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “:: Family Outing ::”

  1. mama, apa lagi… jadi lah pembekal pakaian utk pre-mature…. pas tu promo kat fb kan… tag sana tag sini… hehehe…

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