:: Spontaneous Abortion ::

It happened today. No severe pain, a normal cramp, just like having monthly menstrual.

Received a 1-day medical leave. That’s the procedure in the emergency department. To get more than 1-day MC, we have to seek it from RC clinic. In Malaysia, most probably the clinic would give a 2-weeks medical leave.

Itwas written as ‘spontaneous abortion’ in the form. Owh! Now I know. After googling from the net, here is what  spontaneous abortion means:

“Spontaneous abortion” is the term doctors use for a miscarriage that happens in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Many spontaneous abortions happen because something was wrong with the baby. There is no way to prevent spontaneous abortions which happen because of genetic problems in the baby. These babies would not survive even if the pregnancy continued.

The doctor (a very young – 25 years Somalian doctor) suggested mama to have some kind of test due to multiple miscarriages, and one of them is thyroid test. Gulp! All these while, none of the gyne talked about that even though they knew that mama has thyroid. Thyroid (hypo or hyper) problem may cause miscarriage, but mama is not so sure about the relation between thyroid and malformed baby. Got to google again.

Anyway,  mama should feel fortunate for what had happened. InsyaAllah, next week babah will bring all of us to somewhere… to get some fresh air and to enjoy the moment of spring, which is still not too hot, and not too cold.

~ by Zarina on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “:: Spontaneous Abortion ::”

  1. apa-apa jadi kat sini, memang kena tanya pakcik google jek la… tanya doktor sini serupa macam tanya diri sendiri… kekeke… anyway, takde rezeki…. boleh cuba lagi sebelum pulang…

  2. Pak cik google ni 24 hours.. Tak puas hati betul, camana lah hospital besar boleh bagi 1 hari MC utk keguguran… bagus sungguh prosedur depa… tak apalah, ada gyne nak tolong, dah besar rahmat walaupun kena ulang alik ke klinik setiap hari utk amik MC…

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