:: It’s a Gift ::

How beautiful our life is, if everything is accepted open heartedly…

Again, last night mama experienced light brownish bleeding, like the previous pregnancy.

Without delay, we rushed to the ER of Royal Commission Hospital. The female doctor was nice, named Dr Asma. She scanned and informed that the sac was there but she could hardly see the featus. She could not make any solid conclusion, therefore mama told her that mama will follow up the next day with the gyne.  Moreover, mama had not started the regular check-up with any clinique yet.

Mama kept everything inside. Hiding the feeling sometimes is not that good but who to talk to in the middle of the night?  Just continuing the same routine i.e. reciting or putting the audio of Surah Al-Mulk as usual before sleeping.

“This is a gift! Allah does not want to punish you by giving you a malformed baby” said Dr Fazilla… very convincing, reducing all the anxieties. Because the machine did not fail to show the same result like last night.

See, how perfect Allah has planned our life, whereby, if we look at the positive side, everything is a gift!

So, from now on, mama has to wait for the misscarriage; else the D&C has to be carried out next week. When telling the story to mama’s friend, some of them looked at mama’s face with anxious look… May be mama did not show any sad feeling to them. Telling them like a normal story.

Mama has accepted it as a gift!

~ by Zarina on March 26, 2011.

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