::Mama & Carbonated Drinks::

It was the first time mama consumed carbonated drink.. F&N orange… When mama asked my late mum,  “boleh tak bawa air gas ke sekolah esok? Cikgu buat parti akhir tahun”.. My late mum replied “boleh ke, tak sakit perut ke minum air gas?”.. Mum allowed at last bust she diluted the drink, adding some plain water and some more sugar…

When was it? When mama was 12 years old, in standard 6…

Now mama’s trying hard to limit those drinks to the kids. Before moving to Saudi, all the kids did not like carbonated drinks. Mama would say “air pedas”.. But now, Along like it since carbonated drinks is a number 1 drinks, and it could be found in any of the shops and restaurant. It is like “air kotak”  in Malaysia.

When exposure could not be be avoided, it become a challenge to us. Phewww! What a challenge!

~ by Zarina on November 5, 2010.

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