The First 2 Weeks – The Adaptation Process

Pejam celik dah nearly 2 weeks we are here in KSA. The life here is somehow opposite the normal life in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, the kids could adjust to the local time in 3 days solely. A few things that we have to adapt in order to have a peace of mind and life:

  • People are active only after Asar (appr. 4.00 pm) till late at night.
  • The shops are closed right before Dzohor and Asar, Maghrib and Isya’.
  • No kicap masin, ikan bilis, cili kering and most of Malays’ food.
  • The choice of green vegetables are very limited.
  • It is hard to see kids playing around the house compound at the evening (or at any time).
  • The price of goods here is higher than that of in Malaysia.

However Yanbu is near to the sea and beach. So for seafood lovers (like me), this market is the heaven. We can get fresh (yet not so cheap) seafood here. Alhamdulillah.

So far so good here. Instead of the hot air during the day, the rest are okay. Hope we can do the visit the Masjid Nabawi as soon as possible. It is one of my dream being here. We can’t go to Mekah (another dream) yet since we have no transport…Later on, InsyaAllah…..if God willing….

To be continued….

~ by Zarina on October 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “The First 2 Weeks – The Adaptation Process”

  1. Mekah is not close yet la my dear… locals can still perform umrah until near to hajj season (but no cars into mekah).. only no umrah visa for outsiders..

  2. salam…nak tanya sikit…gie Yanbu aritu naik flight mana ye…saudi air ke? Saya baru je dapat working advise tak apa yg perlu bawa ke KSA nanti …Thanks

  3. Ejalz…ya ka…hahaha…misunderstanding la, nanti kena edit sket…

  4. Em, RC ade bagi e-ticket so we grabbed it and naik Saudi Airlines la…Nanti datang dgn famili ka atau single mingle? Kalo single, takde maslah sangat pasal makan. Tapi kalo famili, rasanya kena spare bag utk makanan Melayu sebab sini susah dapat. Saya rasa paling penting cili kering, rempah ratus (kari, kurma), kayu manis, bga lawang, mkn kering cam soon, agar2…Then dedaun cam kesum, kunyit, kantan susah nak jumpa…serai kadangkala ada tp jauh…

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