We are now in Yanbu, KSA

We arrived here, in Yanbu at 21st Sept and being placed in a one-room apartment. Yet we managed to move to a 2-bedroom apartment. Well, good enough for me and family. The house is cubicle in design, so my kids like to play hide-and-seek. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah to the Almighty for all chances He gave us. Celebrating Hari Raya here is totally different from Malaysia. We did not see any Arabic hanging around after Eid Solah. The roads are all empty. Maybe they just spent time with family members. Babah turned on Era.fm and sometimes KL.fm to get some feel of Hari Raya. Without takbir you will not feel so sad in Hari Raya, believe me. Mama cooked some rendang ayam, fried mee and agar2. We spent the morning at taman, just near the beach with Siti/Shah’s family. Zila & Din invited us to lunch nasi minyak at her house. Nice nasi minyak, indeed. Thank you Zila.

A few more days to start the class. We might be very busy then since we need to do medical check-up, iqama processing and also apply for Adlin’s and Abid’s school.

The night view from our apartment







~ by Zarina on October 2, 2008.

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