2 more days to go…

yahhhh…2 more days to fly to Yanbu…..Hopefully everything run as planned…Just bought some more groceries from Pasar Malam like dried chilli, santan powder, ikan bilis and beras pulut….Our house right now is like having a tsunami…because we have to pack everything and make sure the house is empty so that we can rent it. Kalo tak, jadi hutan lah…

For the time being, rasanya tak sempat lagi mengupdate this blog…till after raya….

~ by Zarina on September 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “2 more days to go…”

  1. salam….cu kak bukak sumer yang acu create..hehehe. dapat jugak akhirnya….ape2 pun all da best for ur life…enjoy all the best moment coz actually tis is the grecious time that Almighty Allah gives only to u n some other people..So..use it worthly.take care.Eh2 lupa,cu,doakan kjayaan kak n sumer yang tngah belajr kat cni,k…

  2. thank you thank you…semoga kakak berjaya mencapai impian yang dikejar….

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