How to apply E number for KSA Visa


As requested by Ejalz , lemmi list down the processes to apply E no for KSA visa.
1. Go to (then choose English version and you better use Internet Explorer rather than Mozilla firefox)
2. Then click the first menu – “visiting visa Request from embassies and consulates abroad”
3. From there, just follow the instruction. At one page, you will be asked to fill up the form, which is very similar with the physical visa form.
4. When you submit the page, you will be asked to pay by credit card. Just put the CC number. It will cost you USD10.5 per person. If you have 5 members, you need to repeat the process 5 times.
5. When the system successfully detected your CC number, it will display “your payment have been received”
6. Don’t ever forget to print it out, as a prove masa nak apply visa di embassy. To be safer, also keep the softcopy.

That’s all. Harap-harap dapat membantu.

~ by Zarina on August 15, 2008.

41 Responses to “How to apply E number for KSA Visa”

  1. Plan to bring them ( hubby and 2 wonder boys ) visit me in Jeddah cum umrah..InsyaAllah..thanks for the info…God bless…

  2. well hi Zarina, I have been trying to apply for the E number but when i click “visiting visa Request from embassies and consulates abroad” it asks for ID and password which i don’t have and where do i obtain that from? Please advice. thank you

  3. Hi gurmesh, thanks for visiting my blog…I also don’t know the latest procedure. However, my friend who just applied for e-number from the same website also mentioned the same thing. It seems that nowadays people from a few countries need to apply through agent (I think travel agent). You may ask the receptionist at the KSA embassy. Or, you can ask the Indian security guard at the embassy. Last time, he gave us the contact number of the agent that could help us to apply for the e-number. However, we managed the number on our own.
    Good luck…

  4. Dear Szu,

    Are you working in Jeddah? Salam perkenalan….can email me at

  5. Evisa is only for limited countries mostly Europe, US and Japan and not for all countries, sometimes the site shows the name of all ccountries/cities in which saudi embassies/consulate available but when you select the same and fill up the form and click to submit, it doesnot work.
    This is not clarified in any official site of Saudi Foreign Ministry that ELECTRONIC VISA IS ACCEPTABLE ONLY ON DESIGNATED SAUDI EMBASSY OR CONSULATE IN THE WORLD.
    Please submit this for everyones information

  6. hello.. is e-number required for a family visa?

    • Hello anser….I think e-number is required for any visa application…Anyway, you can ask the agent that handle this. Who know might be the rule has been changed….

  7. Hi there, I am having problems uploading a picture on the e number page? It just gives me an error every time and I’m running out of time! Please advise if you know a way around this.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Helen,
      I am not sure regarding the latest procedure of e-visa. Last time, no need to upload picture. But normally, when we have problem of uploading picture, most probably becaue the following:
      – The file is too big than allowed or
      – The internet connection is not stable during the transfering of the picture to the server
      So you can check the size of the picture. Do not use .bmp format. Better gif, png or jpeg.
      Make sure the line is ok when you uploading the picture.
      Hopefully this will help.

    • Here’s a guide I wrote on how to upload the picture:

  8. I am having the same problem i have install the active x but nothing is helping not even saudi embasys dont know what to do?

    • Dear Manan,

      Working with Saudian (based from my experience, I’m not saying all Saudian) is not easy… My last suggestion is that you may ask help from any agent. You may ask the person in-charged at the front counter (of Saudi Embassy) regarding this agent. Tho we have to pay extra, it may reduce our burden….

      Hope this would help…

  9. Hello from paris. I have the same problem. I have installed the active X but I cannot download pictures on the file online. I tried so many times. My pictures have the right requirements. This is so troublesome really. Thanks to give me the clue so I can move forward. Guildev

  10. dear i visit your given website for the saudi visa but their is no option for the Pakistan for my country soo what we have to do for this kindly inform me as soon as possible

    • hi ishaq.. I am really sorry that I don’t know regarding the country. If I’m not mistaken not all country are listed there. My Pakistani friends used to deal with local pakistan agent. May be you can also do so.

  11. can anyone tell me how to check or verify saudi visa through my name or id card number or passport number

    “visiting visa Request from embassies and consulates abroad”



  13. hey evey one, nice blog by the way, well i have the same problem as guildev and helen, i tried for 2 hours to upload a pic on the enjazit site, but always rejected…. id tried every solutions.. having a pic resiezd 65 pxl – 185pxl is hard to find… and for the record , the pic has toif anyone did it can u plz help me…

  14. for Saudi e number

  15. Hi,

    I have completed the online application and now I am stuck at the payment stage. I have literally tried all the debit and credit cards I own and the payment won’t go through.

    I am using the same card as I did this March (which worked) and now it isn’t. This is seriously troublesome. Any help regarding what cards they accept and not accept would be helpful. This is one of the most painful applications to complete!

    Thank you.

    • I’m afraid I have no idea regarding which card is accepted and vice versa. You may check with the embassy nearest to you.

  16. Asalam O akakum,

    Could you please let me know, how did I check my visa status from E-Number?

    I had a offer from Saudi, but the local recruiter in Pakistan did not tell me about my visa or
    company detail.

    can I check my visa details from my passport number & E-Number which recruiter provided me?


    • Salam,

      As far as I’m concerned the visa status is from the embassy. We need the printed e-number for the approval from the embassy…. That is how it works last time when I did the application.
      May be you can check with the recruiter. My Pakistanis friend come to Saudi through agent, so their agent will do all the visa application.

  17. Salam… your page is the only thing on the web that talks about how to get the e-number.. Jasak Allah.

  18. hi.. if any one could tell me that how can i apply for e number, our travel agency make e number from Poepa office in Islamabad.

  19. hi,
    just for query which IE version is supported by enjazit website. as i am unable to upload the photo on the e-number page. The import button shows up but when i click on it nothing happens.

    • Last time I used IE version 6 but at that time no need to upload photo. It was 4 years ago. You may try to use mozilla firefox.

  20. how can i verify my e number?

  21. Check my visa e nmber
    e.66247790plz hlp me any prson

  22. No coments

  23. how can i verifi my e number

  24. Dear sir,
    Please tell me that problem show on enjaz paper”Ratification date” What is .
    Pk agent ratified or saudi agent ratified, then clear.

    • I apply my enjazit last few years. I am sorry for me not be able to answer your enquiry because the procedure has been changed during these few years…

  25. Salem
    Plz anybody tell me how I chak my E number can is that true ?
    Or anybody chak or tell me my E number 204525698
    N passport number DW1881341

  26. ASALAM o ALAYKUM how can i check my e number?please help me,

  27. i already e number but i forget how can i find it

  28. any information about name etc on e number? how to check whether the name is correct or not,

    • I’m afaraid I can’t answer your question since I’not been using enjazit for a long time…

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